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Missouri court rules in favor of Foley & Mansfield client in shareholder dispute among siblings

By Tomas Kassahun | May 2, 2019

ST. LOUIS – In a ruling on April 23, the Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District made a decision in favor of Foley & Mansfield attorney John G. Beseau's client, who was involved in a shareholder dispute with her siblings.

Missouri appeals court sets aside default judgment in Legends Hospitality wage dispute

By Rich Peters | Mar 21, 2019

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Court of Appeals recently granted Legends Hospitality an appeal to set aside a default judgment in a labor dispute case against a former employee.

Attorney reinstated in Missouri after 2003 conviction for failing to report patient abuse

By Karen Kidd | Mar 15, 2019

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Florida attorney Charles Benjamin Kaiser III has been reinstated to practice law in Missouri following a March 5 Missouri Supreme Court order after more than a decade's suspension.

Missouri woman's sexual harassment and retaliation claim against GM will remain in federal court, judge rules

By Karen Kidd | Dec 25, 2018

A former General Motors employee's claim that she was fired for reporting her supervisor's sexual harassment will remain in federal court following a judge's order issued last week.

Court upholds decision ordering Charter Communications Operating to pay more than $90,000 to two companies

By Chandra Lye | Dec 21, 2018

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court decision in a dispute between Charter Communications Operating, SATMAP Inc. (SMI) and The Resource Group International LTD.

Legal malpractice complaint tossed out by Missouri Court of Appeals

By Chandra Lye | Dec 21, 2018

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Court of Appeals has thrown out a legal malpractice lawsuit against two lawyers in a contract dispute case.

New trial granted in wrongful death suit against Seasons Healthcare for Women, obstetrician

By Takesha Thomas | Dec 1, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A Missouri court has granted a new trial to the parents of a child who died in delivery in a negligence claim against an obstetrician.

Former Washington State researcher's retaliation lawsuit against university gets remanded back to lower court

By Charmaine Little | Nov 30, 2018

An appeals court reversed a jury verdict against the Washington University in St. Louis over alleged violations of the Missouri Human Rights Act by discriminating against a researcher with a disability.

Appeals court says Zoological not entitled to summary judgement against man who intended to bring firearm to park

By Charmaine Little | Nov 15, 2018

A Missouri appeals court reversed a decision to grant Zoological Park Subdistrict summary judgement in a case involving a man attending the park with a firearm.

Appellate court upholds overruling of Millennium Anesthesiology Consultants' motion for arbitration

By John Sammon | Nov 13, 2018

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District on Oct. 30 upheld a St. Louis County Circuit Court judgment overruling a medical company’s motion to compel arbitration from a doctor in a dispute over the alleged improper soliciting of an employee.

Missouri Appeals Court asks lower court to reconsider settlement for mother in son’s wrongful death

By John Sammon | Nov 11, 2018

The Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District on Nov. 6 asked the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis to reconsider a judgement award to more equitably compensate the mother of a son killed in an auto accident.

No arbitration in St. Louis lawsuit over Rams relocation, appeals court rules

By Karen Kidd | Aug 23, 2018

ST. LOUIS – The city of St. Louis' suit against the National Football League and others over the Ram's return to Los Angeles in 2015 won't be headed into arbitration following an appeals court's ruling earlier this week.

Primerica seeks court's help regarding life insurance claim made by woman charged with muder

By Charmaine Little | Jun 29, 2018

ST. LOUIS – Primerica Life Insurance Co. is seeking a court's help regarding a claim for life insurance benefits filed by a woman who has been charged with a first-degree murder in connection with her husband's death.

United seeks to move damaged wheelchair case to federal court

By Sandra Lane | May 27, 2018

United Airlines seeks to move to federal court a lawsuit accusing the airliner of damaging an expensive wheelchair.

Charter Communications seeks move ex-employee discrimination case to federal court

By Amanda Thomas | May 21, 2018

ST. LOUIS – Charter Communications LLC filed a notice May 11 to remove a former employee’s discrimination complaint from St. Charles County Circuit Court to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

SKU Foods faces a (Soozies) Doozy of a lawsuit

By Amanda Thomas | May 20, 2018

SKU Foods LLC is being sued in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri by an entrepreneur who alleges she was duped into selling her share of the Soozie’s Doozies cookie business.

Woman claims Manhattan Project caused her cancer

By Amanda Thomas | May 20, 2018

​A Florissant woman has filed a lawsuit against a biopharmaceutical company and chemical-producing corporation for alleged negligence related to the disposal of “hazardous, toxic, and radioactive materials” near residential neighborhoods in St. Louis County.

Court of Appeals dismisses appeal in case involving conservator of woman’s estate

By Erianne Leatherman | May 19, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A Missouri appellate court judge has dismissed an appeal in a case involving a conservator of a disabled, incapacitated woman’s estate.

Missouri appeals court affirms award of over $600,000 in personal injury suit

By Erianne Leatherman | May 16, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A Missouri appeals court has affirmed a trial court judgment awarding Johnson Controls more than $600,000 for legal expenses linked to a personal injury lawsuit.

Appellate court dismisses appeal in legal officer case

By Erianne Leatherman | May 15, 2018

ST. LOUIS - A Missouri appellate court has dismissed an appeal from an assistant legal officer against a political subdivision amid a dispute about alleged unpaid legal fees.

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