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Motorist alleges Allstate Fire and Casualty refused to pay him benefits

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Feb 14, 2019

ST. LOUIS – An insurance company is alleged to have refused to pay a man the benefits he is entitled to in a claim over injuries sustained in an auto accident.

Injured driver alleges Allstate failed to pay reasonable amount under policy

By Lhalie Castillo | Jan 15, 2019

ST. LOUIS – A woman alleges she was injured in an accident in St. Charles caused by an uninsured motorist and an insurance company has failed to pay her a reasonable amount.

Progressive Casualty Insurance seeks damages from St. Louis driver over accident

By Lhalie Castillo | Dec 26, 2018

ST. LOUIS – An insurance company is seeking damages from a St. Louis resident over an auto accident that occurred in the city.

Consumers file suit over Dr. Pepper/Seven Up's ginger claims on Canada Dry sodas

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Dec 20, 2018

ST. LOUIS – Four individuals have filed a potential class action suit over allegations that Canada Dry Ginger Ale only contains a minimal amount of processed ginger flavoring compound.

Sports lawyer says Raiders' decision to leave Oakland is perplexing

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 18, 2018

The city of Oakland has sued the Raiders, as well as numerous other teams, alleging that the team violated law by leaving the city that had hosted them for so many years.

Insured motorist files suit against Allstate Insurance over underinsured motorist claim

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Dec 17, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis woman alleges her insurer has failed and refused to pay her claim for underinsured motorist coverage.

Missouri Supreme Court reciprocally reprimands brothers practicing in Omaha

By Karen Kidd | Oct 22, 2018

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (St. Louis Record) — Omaha attorneys and brothers Joseph P. Cullan and Patrick J. Cullan have been reciprocally reprimanded following separate Oct. 19 Missouri Supreme Court orders after the two were similarly reprimanded by the Iowa Supreme Court in May.

Progressive Advanced Insurance seeks more than $30,000 from driver over crash

By Lhalie Castillo | Oct 16, 2018

ST. LOUIS – An insurance company is seeking more than $30,000 from a driver who allegedly failed to obey traffic control device.

Progressive Casualty seeks more than $55,000 from St. Louis driver

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Jul 12, 2018

ST. LOUIS – An insurance company is seeking more than $55,000 in damages from a St. Louis man over a collision in the city.

Progressive Casualty Insurance alleges driver was negligent in St. Louis crash

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Jul 10, 2018

ST. LOUIS – An insurance company is seeking damages from a driver over a collision in St. Louis.

Plumbers Supply Co. of St. Louis alleges it is owed nearly $200,000

By Lhalie Castillo | Apr 11, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A plumbing supply company alleges a company defaulted on its obligations.

Attorney reciprocally disciplined in Missouri following suspension in Iowa

By Karen Kidd | Apr 8, 2018

JEFFERSON CITY – Iowa attorney Rodney H. Powell, practicing in Missouri for almost 40 years, has been reciprocally suspended following an April 3 Missouri Supreme Court order after he was suspended in Iowa for allegedly borrowing $20,000 from an elderly client.

Progressive Advanced Insurance accuses driver of failing to take safety measures to avoid car accident

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Feb 26, 2018

An insurance company is suing Jay Mullins, a driver, for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Man claims lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure

By Lhalie Castillo | Jan 10, 2018

ST. LOUIS — A man who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer is suing Archer Daniels Midland Co., Baltimore Aircoil Co. Inc., Caterpillar Inc. and others, citing alleged negligence.

Couple sue DAP Inc., others, alleging asbestos-related negligence

By Lhalie Castillo | Nov 16, 2017

ST. LOUIS — A couple are suing CertainTeed Corp., DAP Inc., Georgia Pacific LLC and others, alleging that their negligence led to the husband's lung disease.

Progressive Direct accuses driver of negligence in St. Louis crash

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Oct 12, 2017

ST. LOUIS — An insurance company is suing a vehicle driver, citing alleged negligence in a collision.

Man claims Alcatel-Lucent, Centurylink, others used asbestos in products

By Lhalie Castillo | Sep 5, 2017

ST. LOUIS — A former laborer is suing various entities, citing alleged negligence.

Progressive sues motorist for failing to pay for the damages in 2014 crash

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Aug 17, 2017

ST. LOUIS — An insurance company is suing a St. Louis driver, citing alleged failure to operate his vehicle, which resulted in severe injuries.

Woman claims Dubuque Paint Equipment driver's negligence resulted in crash

By Lhalie Castillo | Aug 7, 2017

ST. LOUIS — A Missouri motorist is suing a company and its drivers, citing alleged negligence.

Monsanto allegedly failed to disclose dangers of Roundup

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Aug 4, 2017

A surviving relative is suing an herbicide maker, citing alleged design defects and failure to warn users of its product's harmful effects.

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