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Former mechanic claims asbestos exposure caused lung cancer

ST. LOUIS — A former mechanic is suing A.W. Chesterton Co., General Electric Co., Union Carbide Corp., and other asbestos products manufacturers and users, alleging failure to warn and negligence.

First Student Inc., driver accused of negligence

An individual is suing Joanna Nelson and First Student Inc. for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

KFC customer claims she fell in restaurant's bathroom

ST. LOUIS — A customer is suing a local KFC restaurant operator, alleging negligence.

CBS, DOW, GE named as defendants in asbestos suit

ST. LOUIS — A married couple is suing CBS Corp., The DOW Chemical Co., General Electric Co., and others, makers and users of asbestos products, alleging negligence.

Progressive accused of breach of contract

ST. LOUIS — A motor vehicle owner is suing Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, alleging breach of contract.

Passenger in crash sues Progressive for breach of contract

ST. LOUIS — A passenger is suing Darrell Gordon and Progressive Insurance, citing alleged negligence and breach of insurance contract.

Progressive allegedly failed to pay policyholder

ST. LOUIS — An insurance policyholder is suing Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, citing alleged breach of contract.

Former mechanic sues CertainTeed, others, alleging asbestos-related harm

ST. LOUIS — A former mechanic is suing CertainTeed Corp., A.O. Smith Corp., Ajax Magnethermic Corp. and others, alleging that their negligence led to his contracting an asbestos-related disease.

Heirs accuse Missouri-based companies, others of using asbestos in products

ST. LOUIS — Surviving heirs are suing various companies, some of which are based in Missouri, citing alleged negligence.

Man who worked in Missouri blames companies for asbestos exposure

ST. LOUIS — A husband and wife have filed a lawsuit against a number of companies, citing alleged negligence.

Man claims St. Louis-based companies, others failed to warn of asbestos

ST. LOUIS — An individual is suing manufacturers in the St. Louis area and beyond that used asbestos in their products, citing alleged negligence.

Union claims GoJet Airlines failed to comply with collective bargaining agreement

ST. LOUIS — A union is suing an airline, citing alleged failure to comply with the collective bargaining agreement.

Valley Park resident accuses debt collectors of harassment

ST. LOUIS — A consumer is suing a debt collector, citing alleged abusive debt collection practices.

Missouri son, daughter claim semiclosed receiver that exploded was not properly inspected

ST. LOUIS — A son and daughter are suing several companies, citing alleged wrongful death.

Safe Auto Insurance Company allegedly failed to comply with terms of insurance policy

A policy holder is suing an insurance company, citing alleged breach of contract.

Woman claims Morgan's Foods supervisor harassed her

ST. LOUIS — An employee is suing an employer and supervisor, citing alleged hostile work environment.

Jury rules in favor of Johnson & Johnson in baby powder trial

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis jury recently ruled in favor of Johnson & Johnson, rejecting a Tennessee woman’s claims that her use of its baby powder contributed to her ovarian cancer.