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Attorneys General urge tighter production quotas on opioids

By Danielle Pacey | Sep 22, 2018

JEFFERSON CITY – Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has joined AGs from 10 other states to ask the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to set tighter production quotas on opioids.

Man alleges asbestos exposure on South Dakota job sites led to lung cancer

By Lhalie Castillo | Aug 14, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A former mechanic and construction worker alleges he was exposed to asbestos while on job sites in South Dakota and caused injury.

Beazer East, others named in man's asbestos injury suit

By Lhalie Castillo | Jul 18, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A man formerly employed by various companies in Indiana alleges exposure to asbestos in the workplace caused him to develop lung cancer.

Advance Auto Parts, others named in couple's suit over mesothelioma diagnosis

By Lhalie Castillo | May 30, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A couple alleges the husband's exposure to asbestos during his career caused him to develop mesothelioma.

Man alleges he was exposed to asbestos while working in St. Louis

By Lhalie Castillo | Mar 27, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A man alleges he developed lung cancer as a result of exposure to asbestos while employed by various companies in St. Louis and Illinois.

Brakeman/conductor says Norfolk Southern Railway to blame for fall

By Lhalie Castillo | Feb 8, 2018

ST. LOUIS — A brakeman/conductor is suing Norfolk Southern Railway Co., alleging an unsafe work environment.

Judge dismisses Navient's motion to dismiss lawsuit over alleged violation of Fair Debt Collections Act

By Sam Knef | Feb 3, 2018

ST. LOUIS - U.S. District Judge Jean Hamilton of the Eastern District of Missouri has denied student loan provider Navient Solutions' motion to dismiss a lawsuit involving alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).

Man's heirs blame asbestos makers for his death

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Nov 24, 2017

ST. LOUIS — A man's surviving heirs are suing numerous asbestos products manufacturers, citing alleged negligence.

Couple seeks judgment for alleged asbestos exposure from Missouri firms, others

By Lhalie Castillo | Nov 9, 2017

ST. LOUIS — A husband and wife are suing a number of companies, citing alleged negligence.

Son claims Missouri companies, other employers didn't warn of asbestos risks

By Lhalie Castillo | Oct 18, 2017

ST. LOUIS — A son is suing asbestos products manufacturers, citing alleged negligence.

Customer claims Dollar Tree store in Kennett failed to clean up puddle in bathroom

By Lhalie Castillo | Sep 13, 2017

CAPE GIRARDEAU — A customer is suing a retail store operator, citing alleged negligence.

Man claims Alcatel-Lucent, Centurylink, others used asbestos in products

By Lhalie Castillo | Sep 5, 2017

ST. LOUIS — A former laborer is suing various entities, citing alleged negligence.

Navy vet, wife sue dozens of corporations over his lung cancer allegedly from asbestos

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jun 25, 2017

ST. LOUIS — A couple is suing a number of corporations, alleging that they failed to warn individuals of the harmful effects of asbestos.

Express Scripts claims Kaleo failed to pay rebates, fees

By Noddy A. Fernandez | May 19, 2017

ST. LOUIS — Pharmacy benefit managers are suing a pharmaceutical company citing alleged breach of rebate agreements.

Justice reform groups continue push for venue, jurisdiction bills in Missouri Legislature

By Taryn Phaneuf | Mar 15, 2017

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A recent Missouri Supreme Court ruling regarding jurisdiction that looks like a win for the business community doesn’t negate the need for legislation reforming the way the state’s courts settle venue and joinder matters, civil justice reform advocates say.

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