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Man claims he developed mesothelioma due to secondary exposure to asbestos

ST. LOUIS — An individual is suing numerous companies, alleging second hand exposure to asbestos caused him to develop mesothelioma.

Woman claims St. Louis property owner failed to warn about hole in front yard

ST. LOUIS — A woman is suing a St. Louis property owner, citing alleged negligence.

Homeowner sues State Farm, broker for alleged breach of contract

ST. LOUIS — A homeowner is suing an insurance company and broker from Missouri, citing alleged breach of insurance contract.

Policyholders allege Missouri insurance companies unlawfully filed subrogation claim

ST. LOUIS — Insurance policy owners have filed a class-action lawsuit against Missouri insurance companies, citing alleged breach of contract.

Contractors accused of failing to design proper ventilation in building

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis County woman is suing building contractors, citing alleged negligence, design defect and failure to warn.

St. Louis attorney, breast cancer foundation founder reinstated

St. Louis attorney Michael Bradley Katz, founder of a one-time breast cancer foundation established in his mother's memory, has been reinstated to practice law in Missouri after being suspended over tax issues earlier this year, according to a recent state Supreme Court filing.

St. Louis resident claims Circle K falsely advertised wiper fluid

ST. LOUIS — A consumer has filed a class-action lawsuit against Circle K Stores Inc., citing alleged false advertising.

Woman clams wheelchair ramp at a St. Louis property was built without required rails, guards

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis woman is suing a property owner, citing alleged failure to follow requirements before building a wheelchair access ramp.

St. Louis man claims demolition of adjacent building damaged his property

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis property owner is suing various entities, citing alleged negligence.

iHeartMedia alleges event organizer failed to pay statement balance

ST. LOUIS — A media company is suing an events organizer, citing alleged breach of contract.

Labor, trust fund representatives claim Tidwell Brothers Construction failed to submit payments

ST. LOUIS — Labor and trust fund representatives are suing employers, citing alleged breach of fiduciary duties.

Patient claims she failed to receive proper care for foot wound from doctors, St. Louis hospital

ST. LOUIS — A patient is suing doctors and a hospital for alleged permanent injuries suffered due to medical malpractice.

Former inmate alleges human rights violations while incarcerated in Louisiana

ST. LOUIS — A former inmate from St. Louis is suing the Louisana Department Health and Hospitals secretary, citing alleged violation of human rights.

Man claims Monsanto's Roundup causes lymphoma

ST. LOUIS — An individual is suing Monsanto Co., citing alleged negligence and misleading advertising.

St. Louis resident accuses Camco Manufacturing of falsely advertising wiper fluid

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis consumer has filed a class-action lawsuit against Camco Manufacturing Inc., a North Carolina corporation, citing alleged false advertising.

Former Jiffy Lube employee accuses employer and supervisor of harassment

ST. LOUIS — A former employee is suing an employer and supervisor, citing alleged discrimination and sexual harassment.

Retirement plan representative claims SunEdison violated legal obligations under ERISA

ST. LOUIS — A retirement plan representative is suing a renewable-energy company, citing alleged breach of fiduciary duty.

Consumer claims Xarelto causes hematoma, hemorrhage

ST. LOUIS — A consumer is suing the makers of prescription drug Xarelto, citing alleged significant injuries due to ingestion of the product.

J. Winkler & Sons driver allegedly failed to stop at stop sign, causing crash

ST. LOUIS — A vehicle passenger is suing a tractor-trailer driver and commercial trucking company, citing alleged failure to properly operate its vehicle.

Missouri insurance agent accused of copyright infringement

ST. LOUIS — A company is suing a licensed insurance agent, citing alleged breach of contract.