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Transit Pro claims former manager stole, shared trade secrets

A transport company is suing a former employee under Missouri’s Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for allegedly stealing confidential company information after his termination.

Longtime employee accuses McDonald's of age discriminination

A woman has filed a lawsuit alleging a Missouri McDonald’s restaurant fired her after almost 30 years due to her age and gender, and claims she suffered from multiple instances of harassment.

Man seeks class action against Costco for shortchanging members who cancel

A man has filed a class action lawsuit against Costco Wholesale alleging that the mega-warehouse retailer illegally reimburses part of store memberships instead of the entire price as stated in company policy.

Former head of St. Louis County's diversity program alleges discrimination in lawsuit

A woman has filed a lawsuit in the Eastern Missouri District Court against St. Louis County for allegedly firing her for making complaints during her employment about the mistreatment of minorities.

Judge denies debt collector Professional Credit Management's request for sanctions, summary judgment

ST. LOUIS – The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, Eastern Division has denied a debt collector’s request to grant it summary judgment in a lawsuit it claims the plaintiff’s attorney knew was “frivolous.”

Missouri prisoner's suit claiming U.S. Marshall used excessive force reopened

ST. LOUIS — The District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri has reopened a 2017 case against a United States Marshal after the plaintiff filed an amended complaint specifically naming Drew Poland as one of the officers he claims tasered him after he was already on the ground, causing injuries.

Appellate Court grants St. Louis Effort for AIDS attorney's fees

The Eighth Circuit Appellate Court granted St. Louis Effort for AIDS attorney’s fees in its suit to enjoin the Health Insurance Marketplace Innovation Act (HIMIA) on Dec. 8.