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Appeals court upholds circuit court decision in age discrimination case against Kansas City Public School district

By Chandra Lye | Dec 22, 2018

A Missouri appeals court upheld a lower court’s ruling in a human rights complaint against the Kansas City Public School district.

Court upholds decision ordering Charter Communications Operating to pay more than $90,000 to two companies

By Chandra Lye | Dec 21, 2018

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court decision in a dispute between Charter Communications Operating, SATMAP Inc. (SMI) and The Resource Group International LTD.

Legal malpractice complaint tossed out by Missouri Court of Appeals

By Chandra Lye | Dec 21, 2018

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Court of Appeals has thrown out a legal malpractice lawsuit against two lawyers in a contract dispute case.

Former Saint Louis University student files suit seeking damages for alleged on-campus assault

By Chandra Lye | Nov 22, 2018

SAINT LOUIS – A former student at Saint Louis University (SLU) recently filed a federal lawsuit seeking damages from the school and another student claiming she suffered months of emotional,physical and sexual abuse.

Widow sues after husband and son die in duck boat incident

By Chandra Lye | Sep 22, 2018

KANSAS CITY – Pamela Young has sued Ripley Entertainment after her son and husband died and her daughter was injured following the sinking of a duck boat on Table Rock Lake.

Missouri resident sues Planned Parenthood over alleged false allegations of a bomb threat

By Chandra Lye | Sep 22, 2018

ST. LOUIS – John Ryan claims a St. Louis Planned Parenthood employee deliberately lied, defamed him and violated his First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights.

Judge denies motion to dismiss in battle over National Geospatial Intelligence Agency facility

By Chandra Lye | Sep 14, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A circuit court has denied a motion to dismiss filed by the Bank of Washington regarding land for a new National Geospatial Intelligence Agency facility.

Federal court rules that PELRA does not infringe on First Amendment rights of in-home parent caregivers

By Chandra Lye | Aug 23, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A group of parents who provide in-home care for their disabled children have lost an appeal in regards to union representation.

Missouri business association concerned Monsanto getting a 'bad rap' over Roundup verdict

By Chandra Lye | Aug 20, 2018

JEFFERSON CITY – The president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri recently said the nonprofit business association was very surprised by the recent decision in a injury suit in California regarding the herbicide Roundup manufactured by Mansanto.

Riverview Gardens School District accused of impeding homeless students' education

By Chandra Lye | Aug 17, 2018

Two homeless high school students and their mothers brought a federal lawsuit against the Riverview Gardens School District on Aug. 13, claiming the school board does not accommodate their socioeconomic status.

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Federal court keeps alive much of class action over '8' on bottles of Old Charter Bourbon

By Chandra Lye | Feb 22, 2018

ST. LOUIS (Legal Newsline) – A federal court has granted parts of a motion to dismiss a lawsuit that claims Old Charter Bourbon is reaping the benefits of a false and misleading label.

Ponzi scheme case may cause pressure to curb lawyers trust accounts, fraud expert says

By Chandra Lye | Jun 22, 2017

A recent 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling may put more pressure on legal associations and banks to reign in accounts that lend themselves to illegal activity by lawyers, a researcher says.

Supreme Court upholds law allowing health insurance companies to recover funds from clients

By Chandra Lye | May 7, 2017

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned a decision of a Missouri court, ruling that a health insurance company has the right to use a lien on client’s funds.

Legal watchdog group applauds Missouri Supreme Court ruling limiting lawsuit tourism

By Chandra Lye | Mar 21, 2017

JEFFERSON CITY — The Missouri Supreme Court recently ruled that unless the state was the main place of business for companies filing a lawsuit, Missouri courts do not have jurisdiction over their tort complaints.

St. Charles County ban on red-light cameras stands, appeals court decides

By Chandra Lye | Feb 6, 2017

ST. CHARLES COUNTY — A Missouri appeals court has upheld a referendum that prevents the use of red-light cameras in St. Charles County.

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