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Appeals court affirms Joplin default judgment against Texas developer

By Russell Boniface | Apr 14, 2017

SPRINGFIELD — The Missouri Court of Appeals Southern District recently affirmed a circuit court’s default judgement in favor of the city of Joplin against Texas-based Wallace Bajjali Development Partners LP.

Missouri Senate bills take on infrastructure fees due to population changes

By Russell Boniface | Mar 25, 2017

ST. LOUIS — The Missouri Supreme Court handed down an opinion March 15 dismissing an argument from Missouri American Water Co. over an infrastructure fee that the company had been charging St. Louis County residents based on its population.

Appeals court affirms saving statute cannot relate back to dismissed lawsuit by improper plaintiff

By Russell Boniface | Mar 15, 2017

ST. LOUIS —  A proper plaintiff cannot use the state’s saving statute to revive a dismissed lawsuit that was brought by an improper plaintiff who lacked standing, the Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District has ruled. 

Kansas City church wins digital sign court battle

By Russell Boniface | Jan 30, 2017

KANSAS CITY — Antioch Community Church in Kansas City, Missouri, has won a dispute over whether it violated an ordinance prohibiting digital signs in residential areas.

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