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Driver allegedly made careless left turn in St. Louis crash

ST. LOUIS — A woman is suing a Catawissa driver, citing alleged negligence.

USAA accused of breach of contract in hit and run

ST. LOUIS — A pedestrian who was run over in a hit-and-run incident is suing his insurance company, citing alleged breach of contract.

Motorist pulling out of parking lot accused of negligence

ST. LOUIS — A motorist is suing another driver, citing alleged negligence in an accident on Goodfellow Boulevard.

Talcum powder manufacturers face additional suits

ST. LOUIS — Consumers are suing a number of talcum powder manufacturers, citing alleged negligence.

Driver who hit another vehicle accused of negligence

ST. LOUIS — A motor vehicle owner is suing another motorist, alleging negligence.

Motorist accused of negligence in I-70 wreck

ST. LOUIS — A motorist is suing another driver citing alleged negligence.

Select Specialty Hospital accused of wrongful death

ST. LOUIS — A family is suing multiple healthcare providers, citing alleged insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries and death.

Progressive allegedly failed to pay policyholder

ST. LOUIS — An insurance policyholder is suing Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, citing alleged breach of contract.

Another suit filed in stairwell collapse at Lindell Apartments

ST. LOUIS — A worker is suing a number of real estate contractors, citing alleged negligence following a stairwell collapse.

Driver accused of negligence in head-on collision

ST. LOUIS — A driver and his passenger are suing another motorist, alleging he was negligent in a head-on collision.

Pitbull owner accused of negligence following attack

ST. LOUIS — A guest in a man's home is suing him, citing negligence and premises liability, after his pitbull allegedly attacked her.

Contractors facing lawsuit after stairwell collapse

ST. LOUIS — A couple is suing several contractors, citing alleged negligence after an apartment building stairwell allegedly fell on the husband.

Passenger in I-44 off-ramp crash files suit

ST. LOUIS — A motor vehicle passenger is suing a driver of another vehicle, citing alleged negligence in a crash on Interstate 44.

Wife says asbestos caused husband's death

ST. LOUIS — A widow is suing Crown Cork & Seal Company Inc., JP Bushnell Packing Supply Co. and other asbestos products manufacturers, citing alleged negligence.

Geek Hoodies owner allegedly duped

ST. LOUIS — The owner of an online clothing company is suing its previous Australian owners, citing alleged misrepresentations and fraudulent omissions.

Couple blames asbestos products makers for mesothelioma

ST. LOUIS — A couple is suing a number of asbestos products manufacturers, citing alleged negligence, which led to the husband developing mesothelioma.

Child hit by car accuses driver of negligence

ST. LOUIS — A minor child is suing the driver of a vehicle that hit him, citing alleged negligence.

Minor driver accused of negligent driving

ST. LOUIS — A motorist is suing a minor driver, citing alleged negligence.

Roha USA accused of wrongful termination

ST. LOUIS — A former employee is suing Roha USA LLC, citing alleged disability discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Widower blames Medtronic, cardiologist for wife's death

ST. LOUIS — A widower is suing a medical device manufacturer and his wife's healthcare providers, citing alleged product defect and negligence.