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Passenger sues two motorists involved in crash on Delmar Avenue

ST. LOUIS — A passenger is suing the driver of his vehicle as well as another motorist, alleging negligence.

Woman claims garage door at United Fruit and Produce Company fell on her

ST. LOUIS — A woman is suing a food company alleging she was injured by a defective garage door on its premises.

Couple claims other motorist drove recklessly

ST. LOUIS — A couple is suing a motorist for alleged reckless driving and violating rules of the road.

Driver alleges other motorist negligently rammed into her car

ST. LOUIS — A vehicle driver is suing another motorist, citing alleged negligence in obeying traffic signs.

Market Financial Group accused of breach of fiduciary duty

ST. LOUIS — A Missouri corporation is suing a insurance broker, alleging breach of fiduciary duty.

AMCO Insurance accused of breach of contract

ST. LOUIS — A policy owner is suing an insurance company, citing alleged breach of contract.

Woman shot in neck sues apartment owner

ST. LOUIS — A tenant's guest who was shot in the neck is suing the property owner and operators, alleging failure to protect.

Man's heirs allege asbestos resulted in lung cancer

ST. LOUIS — Surviving heirs are suing multiple corporation, citing alleged negligent use of asbestos fibers.

Man injured in explosion claims boiler companies to blame

ST. LOUIS — A man who was injured in an explosion is suing boiler companies, citing alleged negligence and failure to warn.

Liese Lumber, driver sued over accident on North Taylor

ST. LOUIS — A motorist is suing another driver and the lumber company that owns the truck he was operating citing alleged negligence.

Couple allege Zimmer hip implant system was defective

ST. LOUIS — A couple is suing Zimmer Inc., Zimmer US Inc., Zimmer Holdings Inc. and Select Orthopedics Inc., citing alleged design defects with a hip implant system and failure to warn.

Ex-student claims Harris-Stowe State University violated his human rights

ST. LOUIS — A former student is suing a university over an alleged sexual assault, racial discrimination and retaliation.

Trucker accused of negligence in Broadway crash

ST. LOUIS — A driver is suing a commercial trucking company for alleged failure to operate a vehicle in a careful and prudent manner.

Gateway Xpress, driver accused of negligence in crash

ST. LOUIS — A driver is suing over alleged negligence in the operation of a tractor-trailer vehicle.

Motorist claims other driver negligent in crash

ST. LOUIS — A driver is suing another motorist, alleging negligent driving.

User files suit over alleged slowing down of old iPhones

ST. LOUIS — A consumer has filed a class-action lawsuit against various telephone companies, citing alleged fraudulent misrepresentation.

Gateway Region YMCA sued in alleged harassment incident

ST. LOUIS — A mother is suing a school and its teacher on behalf of her daughter, citing alleged sexual harassment.

More women sue Bayer over Essure

ST. LOUIS — Female consumers are suing a pharmaceutical company, alleging false advertisement and concealment.

Seaman claims employer, coal transfer station violated maritime law

ST. LOUIS — A seaman is suing a coal loading transfer facility and his employer for allegedly not providing a safe working environment.

Man's heir accuses manufacturers of exposing deceased to asbestos

ST. LOUIS — The stepson of a man who died from mesothelioma is suing numerous companies, citing alleged negligence and failure to warn.