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ACLU says suit filed by protester in women's march is about constitutional rights

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 10, 2018

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Missouri recently filed a lawsuit claiming the arrest of a woman during a women's march in 2017 was a violation of her constitutional rights.

Injured baseball player's settlement with university avoided lengthy legal battle, attorney says

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 9, 2018

A Southeast Missouri State University baseball player, Broc Kreitler, settled a lawsuit he had filed accusing the university of negligence after he was injured during practice.

Off-duty police officer could be held liable for fatal car accident, attorney says

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 9, 2018

A family is seeking damages alleging that the death of their 17-year-old child was partially the fault of the Kansas City Police Department.

Family sues Springfield hospital over alleged opioid overdose of elderly man

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 24, 2018

The family of an elderly man is seeking damages after he died from an alleged overdose of an opioid in a Springfield hospital.

ACLU pleased with 'In God We Trust' settlement with City of Wentzville

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 24, 2018

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in April claiming a woman's right to free speech was violated when was ejected from a council meeting for voicing complaints against a sign bearing the words "In God We Trust."

Attorney who filed suit against nonprofit over 'dark money' says he plans to run for attorney general

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 14, 2018

Elad Gross, a Missouri-based attorney who filed lawsuits against the governor's office and a nonprofit organization alleging they were withholding information that should be accessible to the public, says he will be running for attorney general.

Attorney Elad Gross says lawsuits are the only way to shed light on suspicions of 'dark money' in Missouri politics

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 11, 2018

Missouri-based attorney Elad Gross is pursuing lawsuits against A New Missouri, a nonprofit linked to former governor Eric Gritens and which could allegedly be funneling what Gross calls "dark money" into political campaigns.

Missouri Corrections Officers Association not expecting appeal to change $113 million award in pay dispute

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 1, 2018

Some 13,000 corrections officers involved in a class-action lawsuit that alleged they were required to do work before and after their shifts but weren't paid for the work are awaiting settlements after a jury in Coles County Circuit Court awarded $113 million in the case, and taxpayers are on the hook for even more as the jurors added 9 percent interest on the payout.

Missouri Department of Mental Health employees dropped from lawsuit over death of disabled man

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 12, 2018

KANSAS CITY – Missouri Department of Mental Health employees have been removed from a lawsuit concerning the death of a mentally disabled man after his body was found in April 2017.

Mother of Ladue Horton Watkins soccer player files gender discrimination suit after son doesn't make team

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 12, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A mother of a soccer player filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of her son after she alleged that her son was not allowed to play on Ladue Horton Watkins High junior varsity team and that the rules for the girls' and boys' varsity vary unfairly.

Professor says attorney general's office will continue suit challenging University of Missouri gun ban

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 11, 2018

A University of Missouri law professor was recently dismissed from a suit he filed against the university seeking to have the institution's ban on guns invalidated.

Highway Patrol sergeant's discrimination suit tossed, attorney says they will appeal

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 11, 2018

JEFFERSON CITY – A U.S. district magistrate judge dismissed a lawsuit from a Missouri State Highway Patrol sergeant after the sergeant claimed that the details of a drowning were being covered up.

Attorney criticizes police response to protests after Stockley acquittal

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 10, 2018

As the city faces more civil rights lawsuits over treatment of protesters last year, one local attorney puts the blame on the heavy-handed police response.

Lawyer representing Ride the Ducks survivors, families says motions to dismiss will be 'vigorously' opposed

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 9, 2018

KANSAS CITY – An entertainment company facing lawsuits over the death of 17 people in July is requesting the dismissal of some of the lawsuits brought forward from victims' families and survivors.

Two allege STLMugshots website unlawfully asked for money to remove information

By Carrie Bradon | Aug 28, 2018

ST. LOUIS – A mugshot website has been accused of breaking Missouri law by asking for money to take down pictures that it has posted of individuals.

DeGroot: Plaintiffs in asbestos cases ‘raiding’ trusts; bill would prevent 'double dipping' of damage awards

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 16, 2018

ST. LOUIS – Legislation regarding asbestos transparency is on its way to approval, which would ideally both help plaintiffs receive awards for damages and prevent the other parties from being ruined by lawsuits.

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