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Dohrman says his House bill aims to bring fairness to the way colleges handle sex harassment allegations

By Carrie Bradon | Feb 7, 2019

Two highly controversial bills recently introduced in the Missouri House and Senate would give university students accused of sexual harassment and assault more rights than they have in any other state, a posting on said.

Couple claiming state's firearms rules for foster parents violate their rights may have a point, professor says

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 28, 2019

A Kansas City couple has filed a federal lawsuit claiming the Missouri Department of Social Services' policies regarding the possession of loaded firearms by foster parents violate their constitutional rights.

Missouri Parole Board sued for allegedly repeatedly failing to explain justice process to parolees

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 18, 2019

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole alleging the group violated due process of individuals through failure to disclose rights, among other charges.

Missouri attorney-general says he is disappointed by U.S. Supreme Court's failure to hear egg lawsuit against California, Massachusetts

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 16, 2019

Missouri has joined a number of states in an attempt to change laws in California and Massachusetts that focus on animal welfare requirements for farmers.

Freedom Center of Missouri says St. Louis imposing impractical regulations regarding feeding the homeless

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 14, 2019

Two men recently filed a federal lawsuit after they were given a ticket for feeding bologna sandwiches to the homeless in St. Louis, seeking to change the city's rules about food distribution.

'Have Gavel, Will Travel' takes hold in Missouri to educate citizens on judicial system

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 8, 2019

An educational legislative initiative is gaining popularity in Missouri, with judges taking part in a program called “Have Gavel, Will Travel.”

Sports lawyer says Raiders' decision to leave Oakland is perplexing

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 18, 2018

The city of Oakland has sued the Raiders, as well as numerous other teams, alleging that the team violated law by leaving the city that had hosted them for so many years.

Law aims to protect gas stations from going out of business in price wars, attorney says

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 17, 2018

A St. Louis gas station operator may be forced to pay $5.6 million after it allegedly forced the longtime owner of a competing gas station to go out of business, a posting on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website said.

First lawsuit settled following fatal boating incident; attorney says quick settlement is no surprise

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 17, 2018

The owner of the boat involved a fatal boat sinking in Branson in July has settled a lawsuit with the victims' family.

Electric company comes under scrutiny for allegedly overcharging customers; attorney says privatization may be to blame

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 16, 2018

A St. Louis electric company is facing a legal battle after it allegedly overcharged thousands of clients.

Woman alleges pharmacy employer kissed, spanked employees

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 13, 2018

A pharmacy employee is seeking damages, alleging that her employer created a "sexually hostile" workplace, which included the owner kissing and spanking employees.

Ozark receives complaints about illuminated cross in Finley River Park Christmas display

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 13, 2018

OZARK – The city Ozark has received a complaint regarding a large illuminated cross, a part of holiday decorations in the city park, from a national organization based in Wisconsin.

Mutual Musicians Foundations faces difficult road amid scandal accusations, BBB of Greater Kansas City says

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 12, 2018

The Mutual Musicians Foundation of Kansas City finds itself caught up in a scandal with legal dispute that alleges two of its leaders took money for their own purposes, a posting on the Kansas City Star website said.

ACLU says suit filed by protester in women's march is about constitutional rights

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 10, 2018

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Missouri recently filed a lawsuit claiming the arrest of a woman during a women's march in 2017 was a violation of her constitutional rights.

Injured baseball player's settlement with university avoided lengthy legal battle, attorney says

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 9, 2018

A Southeast Missouri State University baseball player, Broc Kreitler, settled a lawsuit he had filed accusing the university of negligence after he was injured during practice.

Off-duty police officer could be held liable for fatal car accident, attorney says

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 9, 2018

A family is seeking damages alleging that the death of their 17-year-old child was partially the fault of the Kansas City Police Department.

Family sues Springfield hospital over alleged opioid overdose of elderly man

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 24, 2018

The family of an elderly man is seeking damages after he died from an alleged overdose of an opioid in a Springfield hospital.

ACLU pleased with 'In God We Trust' settlement with City of Wentzville

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 24, 2018

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in April claiming a woman's right to free speech was violated when was ejected from a council meeting for voicing complaints against a sign bearing the words "In God We Trust."

Attorney who filed suit against nonprofit over 'dark money' says he plans to run for attorney general

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 14, 2018

Elad Gross, a Missouri-based attorney who filed lawsuits against the governor's office and a nonprofit organization alleging they were withholding information that should be accessible to the public, says he will be running for attorney general.

Attorney Elad Gross says lawsuits are the only way to shed light on suspicions of 'dark money' in Missouri politics

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 11, 2018

Missouri-based attorney Elad Gross is pursuing lawsuits against A New Missouri, a nonprofit linked to former governor Eric Gritens and which could allegedly be funneling what Gross calls "dark money" into political campaigns.

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