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Judge denies Round-Up plaintiff’s effort to re-file case in state court

U.S. District Judge Audrey G. Fleissig has denied a Jersey County man's motion to dismiss claims against Monsanto over the alleged harmful effects of Round-Up, ruling that his effort was designed to avoid having his case consolidated with others in California litigation.

State Farm allegedly failed to pay accident victim

ST. LOUIS — An injured motorist is suing her automobile insurance provider, citing alleged breach of insurance contract.

Motorist accused of negligent driving

ST. LOUIS — A St. Clair County resident is suing another motorist for allegedly failing to follow a traffic signal.

Landlord sues tenant after property catches fire

ST. LOUIS — A landlord is suing a former tenant, citing alleged negligence and property damage.

Widower blames Medtronic, cardiologist for wife's death

ST. LOUIS — A widower is suing a medical device manufacturer and his wife's healthcare providers, citing alleged product defect and negligence.

Roha USA accused of wrongful termination

ST. LOUIS — A former employee is suing Roha USA LLC, citing alleged disability discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Court rejects Bayer’s effort to keep Essure cases in federal court

A federal judge has remanded a product liability claim brought on behalf of 94 plaintiffs from four states against Bayer Corp. over its birth control product Essure to St. Louis City Circuit Court.

Missouri Supreme Court rules defendants not entitled to 'any and all' medical records

JEFFERSON CITY — The Missouri Supreme Court has unanimously agreed that defendants in medical negligence cases are not entitled to "any and all medical records," but rather only those that relate to physical conditions at issue in pleadings related to litigation.

Judge continues to reject defense assertions related to Bristol-Myers ruling

A U.S. district judge has again rejected a defense argument that the landmark ruling in Bristol-Myers Squibb v. Superior Court of California (BMS) provided grounds for keeping product liability claims of multiple plaintiffs from multiple states in federal court.

Pedestrian claims she was hit by car on Loughborough

ST. LOUIS — A pedestrian with her representative are suing a motorist for allegedly striking her with a vehicle, causing serious injuries.

Insurance companies accused of refusing to pay up

ST. LOUIS — A Massachusetts resident is suing Auto Club Family Insurance Company and Citizens Insurance Company of America, citing alleged refusal to apply payments following an accident in Missouri.

Weissman's Design for Dance accused of discrimination

ST. LOUIS — A female employee is suing a dancewear design company in St. Louis, citing alleged race and sex discrimination.

Hertz allegedly failed to provide insurance coverage to passenger

ST. LOUIS — A vehicle passenger is suing Hertz Claim Management Corporation for alleged failure to provide insurance coverage.

Motorist accused of running stop sign, causing accident

ST. LOUIS — A motorist is suing another driver, who allegedly ran a stop sign and collided with her car.

Minor driver accused of negligent driving

ST. LOUIS — A motorist is suing a minor driver, citing alleged negligence.

Judge says Janssen Pharmaceuticals case must stay in state court

ST. LOUIS — Another judge has rejected defense arguments for moving product liability claims out of state court and into federal court.

Florida tops tort reform group's list of ‘Judicial Hellholes,' while California No. 2

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California, City of St. Louis Circuit Court, New York City’s asbestos court and Philadelphia round out the American Tort Reform Association’s top five this year.

Accident on I-270 leads to lawsuit

ST. LOUIS — A motorist is suing another driver, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent a crash on Interstate 270.

Judge dismisses Backpage complaint against Missouri AG

ST. LOUIS — U.S. District Judge Patricia L. Cohen has denied an injunction requested by website operators that sought to derail an investigation launched by the state attorney general earlier this year.

Child hit by car accuses driver of negligence

ST. LOUIS — A minor child is suing the driver of a vehicle that hit him, citing alleged negligence.